Monday, October 10, 2011


Wow! I really am not so good at this "daily" thing.

I was very proud of myself for running a straight mile, plus. It was really a matter of convincing myself that I could do it. I am sure that I have been physically ready for a while now. After all, I have been running most of my 3 miles each day, with just short walks between.

After a crazy weekend of not really monitoring or measuring, I did my best with watching today and still wound up at about 1500 calories. Tomorrow is dinner out with a friend, so I will just have to plan for it and do my best. I will try to look up info before I go, so that I can be prepared for how to eat during the day and what to get/avoid at dinner.

# to go: 24.2#
Calories Consumed: ~1500
Calories Burned:
2.77 mile run, 13:00 pace; 450 calories
1.5 mile walk, 15"00 pace; 200 calories

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