Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well, little progress from yesterday. And, as you may have read, I was lazy.

Eating was actually quite a challenge for me. Without working out, I was uncertain what to have for breakfast - certainly, I didn't need to have a protein bar or shake, but I had so few portable options. I decided on a granola bar and banana - easy to take on the go. For lunch, I went out with some friends for a post-birthday celebration. I got fajitas and skipped the shells. I had a bit of rice, but I also had some tortilla chips. I seemed to have the munchies, so I found myself picking at small candies all afternoon - you know those individually wrapped caramels, mini-candy bars, etc. Certainly not ideal. Then, my husband suggested dinner out. We headed to Red Lobster. Of course, I couldn't skip those awesome Cheddar Bay Biscuits. I tried to be good, but I think I had 2 1/2 (at 150 calories each - ouch!). I had the Caesar with the dressing on the side (270 calories - so a little less with the dressing on the side). I had the Endless Shrimp - but went with the grilled option and added broccoli as a side. (probably about 350 calories) So, that would be likely 700+ calories at dinner. Not awful, if I had planned for it, but eating out at lunch too and having a candy buffet all afternoon, I didn't even want to try to add it all up.

#s to Go: 24.4
Calories consumed: too many
Calories burned: not enough

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