Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I ran 4 3/4 laps straight this morning. I took a 1/4 lap break and ran for 2 more laps. I might have gone further, but I was alone at the track and decided that running towards home was a better option. Of course, as I was leaving, someone pulled up to the track to work out. Oh well! Maybe in a couple of weeks when the time changes, I will stay longer by myself since there might at least be a glimmer of light.

At lunch time, I went for a 2.7 mile walk with a co-worker. Our pace was a little bit off at 16:00 minutes (normally we do 15:00 minutes), but it was still a good workout.

I made sure to watch during the day, as I was preparing for my dinner out. My friend and I had both gotten in on the free Steak offer from Outback a few weeks ago and we went out to enjoy our free steak. I enjoyed a Skinny 'Rita (150 calories), 1/2 a loaf of bread (150 calories), 6 oz steak (254 calories), Broccoli (109 calories - must have had some butter), and 4 oz Mahi Mahi (100 calories). I was prepared to share a slice of cheesecake, but since our server brought us our checks when our plates were still half full, we decided we could skip it - seemed like he was anxious for us to leave.

#s to Go: 23#
Calories Consumed: 1468 calories
Calories Burned:
3.3 mile run/walk, 11:40 pace, 470 calories
2.7 mile walk, 16:00 pace, 400 calories

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