Monday, November 14, 2011


So, I started back to P90X this morning. I can already tell that my arms, chest and core had a workout. I think the challenge is that I am approaching it as someone who has done it and forgetting that it has been a while. As with any activity, even though I have been active since last doing it, I have been active in a different way and the way that muscles the are called upon during this activity is different and so it's like they haven't done a thing in forever. Like rollerskating...always leaves me with sore legs, even though I run and exercise.

Eating has been a challenge. Overall, I think I did okay with consumption, but I was starving all day. Something about P90X, even the strength days, it makes me feel really hungry the first week or so. Then, my body gets used to the demands.

I had hoped to fit in a walk or short run, but the rain kept me away.

Time to think about sleep - I have Plyometrics tomorrow! It is my favorite, but it is tough too!

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