Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have to give myself credit, (sometimes it is good to pat yourself on the back), I have been getting up and walking each morning in spite of the cold. I have to say that generally I feel better after getting out in the fresh morning air than I do when I wake up.

Today, it was finally cool enough to fit in a short walk at lunch. It was a slower pace than I walk alone, but my one co-worker was walking in heels.

I started my day with a protein shake and a banana. I wound up also having an oatmeal, my belly was gurgling at me! Lunch was one Turkey Salisbury Steak, a pudding, a nectarine, blueberries, carrots and hummus. I snuck in a snack size Twix (or maybe two). Dinner was one Turkey Salisbury Steak and spinach with a little bit of shredded Goat's Cheese. I capped my evening with two cups of tea with honey and 2 Biscoff Cookies (only 80 calories for two).

# to go: 31
3 mile walk, 13:09 pace (woohoo!)
P90X Arms and Shoulders
2 mile walk, 15:30 pace

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