Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Maybe I should get more creative in my post titles?

I impressed myself by actually getting out of bed this morning and going for my walk. The medicine that I took at bedtime must have done a good job, because I seemed to get a good night's sleep. I felt fine for most of my walk, with only an occasional cough. I was sucking on one of the zinc tabs - those last a long time...normally, I wouldn't notice such things, but I was 20 minutes into my walk before it was gone and I had started it before I even came down to put on my shoes! I got my full 3 miles in this morning and shaved 1 minute off of the walk. It doesn't sound like much, but consider that was a pace that was 20 seconds faster. Speaking of which, I noticed in the Weight Watchers e-Tools activity tracker, for walking there is slow and there is 3. - 5. mph. As I was walking this morning, it occurred to me that 5 mph is a 12 minute pace. I felt like I was walking as fast as I could this morning and only got to 13:40 pace. I'm not sure how much faster I could walk, but now I have a new goal - 12 minute pace.

I started my day again with a protein shake. After exercising, I'm generally not hungry. I feel like I need to fuel my body though, since I exercise before breakfast. The shake is a nice compromise - I can drink it and it gives me the protein and nutrients I need to recover from my workout. Lunch was reasonably healthy with grilled chicken fingers and a salad. Unfortunately, I didn't chose between the cupcake and the roll, including both at my lunch. Dinner was a grilled turkey burger.

# to Go: 31
Walking: 3 miles, 13:40 pace
Ab Ripper workout

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