Thursday, July 28, 2011


Okay, I get that I am consuming extra calories each day in my fight against this cold (the bottle of Gatorade that I drink adds about 220 calories that I wouldn't normally consume), but seriously how could I have gained weight. I walked 5 miles yesterday and did 45 minutes of strength training. I think it is times like this that leave me frustrated. I'm not making awful food choices, I'm working out and I'm gaining! I can handle if I maintain - I recognize that I might be consuming a few extra calories, but the gaining thing just doesn't work!

Food was okay today. Actually, I started out strong and finished in weakness. I forgot my banana, so breakfast was a protein shake. Lunch was steamed spinach with shredded cheese, raspberries, carrots & hummus and pudding. Dinner was two pieces of cheese pizza and 2 boneless wings.

It was much too warm to walk at lunch, so no additional exercise.

# to Go: 32
3 mile walk, 13:00 pace
Ab Ripper X

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