Monday, July 25, 2011


Today was a reasonably okay day for me.

I started my day with a 3 mile walker.  I wasn't convinced I would get it all in, when I woke up there were returns on the radar just to our west.  I walk alone some mornings (and really, am alone even when I meet my friend at the track).  I don't have an iPod (my son and husband do), so I walk with my thoughts.  Sometimes I find myself walking through presentations or discussions to have at work.  Sometimes it is totally random, like it was today.  When I start my walk, it is still almost pre-dawn with just the slightest peak of the sun on the horizon.  So, as I was walking today, I split my time between watching the east for the sun to continue to peak through and watching the west for rain clouds.  This got me thinking and wondering about the weather coming from the west when the way that the earth is spinning, you might think it would be from the east.  Then, I thought, no of course not, the weather is in our atmosphere and therefore spinning with us.  Like I said, random.

I came home and did P90X Chest and Back.

I ate (drank) a protein shake to start my day.  I had a mid-morning banana to complete my breakfast.  Lunch was leftover pulled pork with barbeque sauce (no bun - figured I could save calories there), plum, nectarine and carrots and celery with hummus.  For dinner, we decided to head out for dinner for Mexican.  I went with the fish tacos, hoping that they were a healthier choice with no sauce or cheese.

#s to go:  31
exercise - 3 mile walk (14 minute mile pace) & P90X Chest & Back

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