Thursday, May 31, 2012

What was I thinking...

I should have known better. Yesterday, my husband had mentioned trying to do dinner with some friends. When we hadn't heard back, I had him take chicken out of the freezer so that we could have it for dinner. But, the seed had been planted, I kept thinking about the chips and salsa and the chicken tacos. So, we wound up going out for dinner. I looked things up before we went at least and had an idea of what everything was in terms of calories. In the end though, I went over my daily calorie target. No surprise, the scale reflected appropriately this morning. I will persevere though. I will return to managing my intake and will make sure to plan ahead better next time.

Dinner out aside, overall eating yesterday was pretty good. I was a little surprised to learn the differences in calorie content of like items. Take for example oatmeal. I take the little instant packs with me for breakfast. The Apple Cinnamon packets are only 130 calories, while the Cinnamon Spice are 160. The plain ones, only 100 calories. That 60 calorie difference between the Cinnamon Spice and Plain is 5% of the low end of my daily target, or as I like to think of it two pieces of chocolate. Seeing that both fill me equally, I suppose that I should stick to Apple Cinnamon and/or plain in the future. I'd rather add the chocolate to my day than eat extra calories in my oatmeal.

I got up a little late this morning, but still had time for my work out. I headed up to the track again to walk/run. The same two ladies from yesterday were there again this morning. I like having someone else there, it helps me achieve goals. I was able to lap them in my 4th lap and my 8th lap. It may sound silly, but that is my goal. It helps to keep me motivated. I did 12 laps again today and shaved almost 2 minutes off the total time. I ran a full lap more than yesterday, so that was a significant portion of the gain.

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