Monday, November 12, 2012


I did it! I got up this morning and did the first workout of P90X. I can tell you without a doubt, I am feeling it now. I started with P90X Chest and Back. I didn't get up as early as I hoped, but still early enough to fit in the whole workout. I can tell that I have lost ground since the last time that I completed the series. It was a struggle to do at least 15 of each type of push up. My arms felt like rubber bands when I was done.

Eating was mostly good today...right up until the thought of pretzels and dip called my name this evening. It wasn't the worst snack, but I might have been better off skipping it. It set me past my daily calorie goal for today. But, regardless, I know that I wasn't that far beyond my goal and it was a better day than it might have been if I had not been making conscientious decisions all day.

On a positive note, my weight this morning was down 2# from where I was the day before. Unfortunately, I have a long way to go. But, the journey will be worth it.

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